• CFE CANBus Function Extender Kit

CANBus Function Extender Kit (CFE)

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Product Description

What is the CFE Kit?

The CANBus Function Extender Kit (CFE) allows you to enhance the functionality and driving pleasure of your "older" model Volvo by activating additional functions currently available on the newer Volvo models!


How Does it Work?

Your Volvo communicates with a lot of electronic units located throughout the car using a digital network, called the CANBus network (for example, the window switches instruct the window motors to open/close through the CANBus network, etc.) Using the CFE Kit, you'll get a CFE unit (Hardware) and connection cable (Cable) that will connect the CFE unit to your Volvo's CANBus network, so that you can modify functions built into the CANBus network. Best of all, the CFE Kit is 100% plug and play, requiring NO hardware splicing or other modifications!

To select the CANBus network functions you'd like to activate in your Volvo, you must first download and install software on your PC (see the Troubleshooting & Support section below) and connect the CFE unit to your PC using the provided USB computer cable. The PC software will allow you to select and configure different functions that will be added to your Volvo using the CFE unit. Once the CFE unit is connected to the car, the newly configured functions are all available in your Volvo!


Kit Contents:

  • One CFE Hardware Unit
  • Choice of one CANBus Connection Cable:
    • OBD-2 Cable: Select this cable if you want the easiest installation. Connects to the OBD-2 port in driver's side footwell area. Installation of this cable takes about 5 minutes, but is only compatible with MY2005 and newer cars.
    • AEM Cable (Accessories Electronic Module): Select this cable if you have an AEM unit in the trunk of your Volvo. Installation of this cable takes about 10 minutes.
    • RTI/Navigation Cable: Select this cable if you have a DVD RTI/Navigation unit in your Volvo and there's no AEM cable found in your Volvo. Installation of this cable takes about 15 minutes.
    • HU Cable (Radio Headunit): Select this cable if you have no AEM cable or RTI/Navigation unit in your Volvo. Installation of this cable takes about 30 minutes, and is the most difficult to install of the 4 cable options.
  • One USB Computer Cable


CFE Kit Supported Functions

NOTE: Not all functions are currently supported for MY2005 (model year) and newer vehicles. Software updates are released frequently, and existing customers are informed via email when new updates are available. In addition, not all functions available for Volvo models up to MY2004 will become available for MY2005 and newer, and vice-versa.


FunctionUp to and including MY2004MY2005 and up
Auto unlock all doors when driver door is opened Yes Yes
Retract electronic side-mirrors at car lock Yes Yes
Extend electronic side-mirrors at car unlock Yes Yes
Side-mirror angling when car is in reverse Yes Yes
Close sunroof at car lock Yes Yes
Open sunroof at car open Yes Yes
Switch parking heater on/off with car remote Yes Yes
Gauge sweep at ignition on Yes Yes
Mute radio volume when car is in reverse Yes Yes
DIM messages welcome / goodbye Yes Yes
DIM can be personalized Yes Yes
Windows automatically UP at car lock Yes Yes
Windows automatically DOWN at car unlock Yes Yes
Add extra wipe stroke with auto-wash windshield wiping function Yes NI
Auto indicator blink X times when handle used shortly Yes

NI MY2005,2006

SO MY2007,2008,2009

Enable daytime running lights Yes NI
Enable fog lights with hi-beam Yes NI
Extend approach (follow me home) lights with other lights Yes REVERSE LIGHTS ONLY
Auto activate seat heater at engine start Yes NI
Set cruise control to enabled after engine start Yes NI
Interval wiper function (for cars with rain-sensor) Yes SO


= Work in progress, meaning expect solution in coming releases.
= Not Implemented; not yet planned for research, and no work done on function so far, might or might not get functional
= Standard option, already available in your car


Vehicle Compatibility:

  • MY2001 - MY2009 S60
  • MY2000 - MY2006 S80
  • MY2001 - MY2007 V70
  • MY2001 - MY2007 XC70
  • MY2003 - MY2007 XC90

VIN Check: You can also check vehicle compatibility HERE by entering your VIN


Troubleshooting and Support

Software Downloads (PDF):

Hardware Installation Manuals (PDF):

Bug Reporting:

Please utilize the manufacturer's Bug Reporting Tool for any identified issues.

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