• Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade installed on S60R behind the factory R Front Bumper

Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade, S60R/V70R

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Product Description

Introducing a true Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) upgrade kit for the S60R/V70R models!

  • Maximize performance
  • Increase Fuel Economy
  • High Quality Components
  • Quick Boost Response
  • Aluminum Core and Piping

This is what the R-models should have come with from the factory. Utilizing an intercooler core with 24x11x3" dimensions with 2.5" inlet/outlet diameter, our FMIC kit is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your turbocharged Volvo engine. The intercooler core utilizes a bar and plate style to reduce intake temperatures, increase engine airflow and is designed to handle up to 600hp. Unlike other FMIC kits on the market which require cutting and reusing the brittle, plastic charged air pipe, our FMIC upgrade kit completely replaces the cold side charged air pipes with mandrel bent, aluminum piping (from the intercooler all the way to the throttle body)! In addition, our FMIC kit retains the factory intercooler piping routes and doesn't extend the piping length. Other kits reroute the FMIC piping and extend the piping length, causing unnecessary turbo lag. As a result of our "top mounting" of the intercooler inlet/outlet (other kits mount the inlet/out at the bottom of the intercooler), our FMIC kit does not interfere with the use of aftermarket "cold-air intake piping kits, nor does it interfere with the positioning of the original fog light assemblies!

Everything that is needed to install the FMIC is included in our kit. No fabrication or welding is necessary; we include all required components! 

Please note: Minimal modification and trimming is required for optimal installation. Installation by a professional is recommended. You will receive two packages for your order; one including the intercooler core and one including the piping, silicone hose couplers, hose clamps and mounting hardware.

FMIC Kit Features:

  • Mandrel bent 2mm thick aluminum piping with bead rolled edges
  • Retains factory intake-temp sensor and vacuum line connection points
  • Includes all mounting hardware, and stainless steel T-bolt hose clamps
  • High-quality silicone couplers included (black or blue color option). Please note a replacement for the rubber hose connecting the OTE pipe to the intercooler is not included, as the rubber hose can be reused
  • Routing of charge air-piping retains the use of aftermarket "cold-air intake piping kits"
  • Does not interfere with fog light assemblies

Intercooler Core Specifications:

  • Bar and plate design
  • Core Size: 24" long x 11" high x 3" thick
  • Inlet/outlet diameters: 2.5"
  • Less than 1% pressure drop
  • 50 psi max pressure, capable for up to 600hp

Benefits of our Intercooler Upgrade

  • Largest core size of any Volvo specific intercooler kits on the market
  • Designed to utilize the factory Over-The-Engine (OTE) intercooler pipe and rubber hose
  • Does not require draining of A/C system for installation

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