• Hawk Sector 27 Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Kit, 280mm, S40/V50, C30/C70 HK4535.478B
  • Hawk Sector 27 Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Kit, 280mm, S40/V50, C30/C70 HK4535.478B

Hawk Sector 27 Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Kit, 280mm, S40/V50, C30/C70

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Product Description

Increase your braking performance with a Sector 27 Rotor and Pad kit from Hawk Performance. HK4535.478B fits Volvo S40/V50 C30/C70 with 280mm rotors.

Hawk performance is proud to offer a new rotor line called Sector 27. Sector 27 rotors consist of high quality material to improve braking performance as well as lower overall brake temperatures. These rotors are designed with long life in mind as well as consistent pedal feel. This kit contains a left and right drilled/slotted rotor as well as a set of matching Hawk Performance Street 5.0 brake pads. Hawk Performance introduced its newest brake pad compound in 2014, the Hawk High Performance Street 5.0 brake pads. This new premium, brake pad compound is a made to fit between the original HPS and HPS+ pad. The Hawk Performance Street 5.0 is made to get you one step closer to the greatest stopping power and pedal feel your vehicle can provide without compromising your ABS. The Street 5.0 brake pad is not a replacement for your current HPS pad, but is a different type of pad designed to challenge the driver. These new High Performance Street 5.0 brade pads feature a Ferro-Carbon compound provides a longer lasting pad, shorter stopping distances and improved performance under heavy braking conditions, while retaining street car friendly characteristics. 

Hawk Performance Sector 27 Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Kit Features:

  • Decreased stopping distances
  • Improved pedal feel from initial pressure through entire pedal stroke 
  • Minimal fade under higher temperatures 
  • High friction/torque, either hot or cold 
  • Very quiet, low noise 
  • Improved braking over OE pads 
  • Extended pad life
  • Precise and Predictable Control
  • Drilled/slotted Rotors

 Kit Contents

  • Two Sector 27 Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • One set of Hawk Perforance 5.0 Brake Pads

Vehicle Application:

Part Nr. Application Weight Rotor Diameter*


  • 2004.5 - 2012 S40/V50 2.4i, T5 FWD/AWD
  • 2006 - 2013 C70 T5 FWD
  • 2007 - 2013 C30 2.4i, T5 FWD

19.8lbs Per Rotor


* While the required rotor diameter can be determined based on your VIN number, many cars now have different sized rotors fitted by mechanics than what the car was originally fitted with. As such, we advise that you physically measure the brake rotor diameter to determine your correct rotor size prior to ordering.

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