• Hilton Tuning Performance Engine Software Upgrades for Volvo S60 and V70

Hilton Tuning Software Upgrades, Volvo S60 V70

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Product Description

ViVA Performance has partnered with Hilton Tuning to offer the very best custom ECU tuning program for many popular Volvo models equipped with the ME7+ engine management hardware/software system. Look no further than ViVA Performance for both custom engine software and supporting hardware upgrades!  There are various ECU Software Stages available for your S60 and V70, as well as several performance add-on/upgrade options. For your convenience, we have detailed the various Stages available for your car, including specific hardware/software requirements necessary to support the ECU software.



Tune Add-ons

Stage 1

Suited for completely stock vehicles with no hardware modifications required.

  • Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal

Stage 2

  • 4C Mode True Map Switching
  • Anti-Lag & No Lift Shift
  • Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal
  • ECO Enhance
  • Catalyst Delete
  • Valet Mode File

Stage 2.5


  • 4C Mode True Map Switching
  • Anti-Lag & No Lift Shift
  • Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal
  • ECO Enhance
  • Catalyst Delete
  • Valet Mode File

Stage 3

  • 4C Mode True Map Switching
  • Anti-Lag & No Lift Shift
  • Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal
  • ECO Enhance
  • Catalyst Delete
  • Valet Mode File
  • Big Turbo

Tune Add-on Descriptions

  • 4C Mode True Map Switching – Enables on-the-fly boost and timing map switching using 4C buttons. Comfort and Sport modes have one set of maps, with Advanced mode having another set of more aggressive maps. Note that on automatic models, “Transmission Sport Mode” will switch to the “Advanced” 4C maps, regardless of the 4C button selected. Vehicle must be equipped from the factory with 4C Suspension.
  • Anti-Lag & No Lift Shift – We are proud to be the first company that has developed true launch control for the Volvo platform. Build instant boost prior to launching the vehicle and keep it boosting with No Lift Shift (“NLS”). Anti-Lag is activated when the vehicle is stopped, the clutch is depressed and the accelerator pedal is held to the floor. NLS is active when RPMs are above a threshold value and the accelerator pedal is held to the floor in between shifts. Note: This option is only available for vehicles without catalytic converters. Currently only available for manual transmissions. This modification places excess stress on the drivetrain, turbocharger system, and engine mechanical components. Choosing this option for all Non-R vehicles will cause a slight delay with delivery of the tune.
  • Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal – Remove the first and second gear torque limiter from vehicles equipped with 5-speed and 6-speed automatic transmissions.
  • Eco Enhance – We have developed a way to run the engine with a slightly leaner idle and with partial throttle operation. This has shown as much as 3-5 MPG improvements in our testing. This option requires custom code modification and is not offered by any other tuning company at this time. Note: Currently this option is only available for vehicles without catalytic converters. Choosing this option for all Non-R vehicles will cause a slight delay with delivery of the tune.
  • Valet Mode File – Add this to any Stage 2 or higher tune and we will include a separate file that you can flash your car with, which restricts performance of the vehicle for valet and other uses.
  • Catalyst Delete – This feature will eliminate the rear oxygen sensor and prevent a Check Engine Light related to running without a catalytic converter (catless).
  • Big Turbo (Stage 3 Tunes Only): This add-on is for Vehicles equipped with larger than Hybrid Turbos. Typically those Turbos are Garret, EFR or Precision.

**Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns or would like to know which tune file suits your needs, please Contact Us so that we may assist you in selecting the best possible solution for your vehicle.

Stage 0 Information

Before a Hilton tune is purchased, the customer’s vehicle must have a Stage “0” maintenance completed to ensure the vehicle is in excellent running condition. This includes replacing the following: Air Filter Element, properly gapped (0.024") 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs, Turbo Control Valve (TCV), Compressor Bypass Valve (CBV) and all vacuum lines replaced. The vehicle should not have any Check Engine Lights (CEL) or other stored error codes, and the following electrical sensors should be properly operating: Front and Rear Oxygen (O2) sensors, Fuel Pressure Sensor and Boost Pressure Sensor. If you don't plan to replace your original fuel injectors, we recommend having them serviced (cleaned and flow measured) and to check for boost leaks.

Ordering Process

Ordering a Hilton Tuning Software upgrade for your Volvo is simple, just follow the following steps outlined below:

  1. Customer places order for a Hilton Tuning Software Upgrade
  2. ViVA Performance emails the Customer a Build Sheet and Waiver Form within 1-business day of placing the order
  3. Customer completes the Build Sheet and signs the Waiver Form
  4. Customer emails both documents to parts@vivaperformance.com. Please include your order number in the email Subject Line. (scan or photo image of physically signed form is acceptable)
  5. ViVA Performance processes order and notifies Customer to download Flashing Software Files. Lead time from date of purchase is 3-5 Business Days.

DISCLAIMER: Hilton Tuning ECU upgrades have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use and are not CARB compliant. As such, they are designated for NON-ROAD or RACE TRACK use only, not for sale or use in the state of California. Please research the emissions and legal requirements for your region.

Software Flashing Requirements

Once we receive your Build Sheet and Waiver Forms, a link to download the Flashing Software and license files will be email to you within 2 business days. Depending on the VIN number specified, we may require an initial readout of the vehicle before we can provide a tune file. Your time to completion may vary depending on the product purchased and the options chosen. In order to download the vehicle to the car, you must connect a Windows based laptop and a J2534 Interface Unit to the vehicle being tuned. We recommend also connecting the car to a battery charger during the flash/read process to help prevent any low battery voltage issues from occurring.

Our Flashing Software is included with the purchase of every tune. It allows you to upload the tune file into your vehicle’s engine computer, however you will need a hardware interface unit in order to upload the tune file to your vehicle. Hilton Tuning software was written to work with a Proprietary J2534 Interface Device and will run on any version of Windows that supports the .NET 4.0 framework. For your convenience we have compatible J2534 Interface units in stock ready to ship and they will ship free within the United States. Please note that NOT all J2534 Interfaces are compatible with the Softloader. There are poorly made “clone” units that do not support the proprietary protocols necessary for flashing the engine computer using our software. To determine if your interface is compatible with our software, please follow the below guide. 

J2534 Compatibility Guide:  pdf.gif 

**Note: J2534 Interface devices will ship free within the United States. If your order is an international order, you will receive an email with a shipping quote. 

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2001-2009 Volvo S60 Turbo Models
  • 2001-2007 Volvo V70 Turbo Models



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