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Polyurethane Bushings, S60/V70 AWD




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Increase your Volvo's handling performance by replacing the original rubber bushings with high quality urethane Powerflex bushings. Our Powerflex bushings will improve handling performance, steering precision, and provide more precise gearbox shift feel. Unlike the original rubber bushings that wear out and become less effective over time, the Powerflex bushings last longer than original rubber bushings.

Our bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location.

Bushing Location Manuf. Part Nr.
(1) Front Control Arm Front Bushing* PFF88-601
(16) Front Control Arm Rear Bushing PFF88-600
(2) Rear Beam (Subframe) Front Mounting Bushing PFR88-602
(3) Rear Beam (Subframe) Rear Mounting Bushing PFR88-603
(4) Rear Inner Rear Lower Arm PFR88-604

(5) Rear Toe Control Arm Bushing Front (Front Trailing Arm to Subframe)

Note: Replaces Volvo Bushing PN 9169204

(6) Rear Lower Center Arm Inner PFR88-606
(7) Rear Lower Center Arm Outer PFR88-607
(8) Rear Toe Control Arm To Hub Bushing PFR88-608
(9) Rear Outer Rear Lower Arm PFR88-609
(10) Rear Upper Link Arm Front Void Kit (front position bushing on rear control arm, connecting to rear subframe) PFR88-610
(11) Lower Transmission Mount Small Bushing PFF88-611
(12) Upper Engine Mount Large Bushing (2001-2005, circle style) PFF88-612
(12) Upper Engine Mount Large Bushing (2006+, square style) PFF88-622
(13) Upper Engine Mount Small Bushing PFF88-613
(14) Strut Brace Tensioning Kit PFF88-614
(15) Lower Transmission Mount Large Bushing PFF88-711

* Requires reusing the original "shaped" metal sleeve and through-bushing metal insert.



Bushing Location Diagram:


Product Reviews

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  1. Improved steering response.

    Posted by Tristan on 7th Apr 2015

    I installed the front control arm front bushing (location 1) in my 04 s60R with 78xxx miles that I daily drive and do not track and really liked the results. However, these bushings are a pain to install unless you have the proper tools such as a shop press and something to burn the rubber out of your old bushings. A long weekend later and I feel like the work was definitely worth it. During cornering, I feel that the steering wheel more directly affects the angle of the front wheels. Turn in is faster, and under heavier turning, these bushings seem to hold better than the rubber ones. You can feel it as the front end seems to point in the direction you want it to go instead of being sort of vague and sloppy. My rubber bushings weren't too bad either and this was still an improvement. These are supposed to last a lot longer the the rubber bushings (possibly the rest of the life of the car) so that makes this bushing even more worth it.

  2. These bushings should have came stock on the caR!

    Posted by Carlos on 25th Mar 2013

    had to replace the original ones on my R(120k) so i ordered these. What a difference! shifting is a lot smoother, no more clunky shifts from the worn down oem bushings.

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