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  • Volvo pCRV Upgrade, Volvo T6/Drive-E VP-113013
  • Volvo pCRV Upgrade, Volvo T6/Drive-E VP-113013
  • Volvo pCRV Upgrade, Volvo T6/Drive-E VP-113013
  • Volvo pCRV Upgrade, Volvo T6/Drive-E VP-113013

Volvo pCRV Upgrade, Volvo T6/Drive-E

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Product Description

For those looking to maximize performance on your P3 Volvo S60/V60, XC60, V70/XC70 or S80, a pneumatic compressor re-circulation valve (pCRV) upgrade is essential to sustain peak boost levels and extend reliability of your turbocharger.

On the SI6 3.0L 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, Volvo uses a simple, electronic compressor re-circulation valve (eCRV) to recirculate boost pressure when the throttle body plate is closed. The factory eCRV unit are prone to mechanical failures like ripped internal rubber diaphragm or a stuck and seized piston. Lastly, the eCRV is controlled by the Engine Computer Unit (ECU) which results in additional downsides. The ECU is designed to release boost through the eCRV in an “on/off” fashion, like a switch, requiring the turbocharger to spool back up to full boost pressure when it is needed. There is a delay between throttle plate closing and the eCRV releasing pressure. This can result in decreased performance, damaged turbocharger components and pesky check engine lights (CEL). The eCRV is also not considered a “service” item from Volvo, which means if you ever needed to replace it, you’d need to purchase a complete turbocharger assembly; last we checked, they cost over $1000!

To address the multiple design and functional flaws present in the factory eCRV, ViVA Performance has developed a pneumatic compressor re-circulation valve (pCRV) as a 100% direct replacement to the factory eCRV. The pCRV uses a high-quality rubber diaphragm, heavy-duty spring, and N-butyl, oil resistant O-rings.

pCRV Product Features

  • 0.25 second faster response time at high boost / low RPM
  • 0.40 second faster response time at low boost / low RPM
  • Heavy duty components
  • Supports 40+ psi of boost pressure
  • 100% CNC machined for superior quality
  • Black anodized finish for years of corrosion protection
  • Comprehensive Kit for ease of installation

pCRV Product Benefits

  • Reduced Turbo Lag
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Fully Serviceable Components
  • Designed to outlast the life of your car

Kit Contents

  • (3) Button Screw
  • (3) Black Top Hat Button Screws
  • (1) Top Hat and Spacer Plate
  • (1) Vacuum Nipple
  • (1) Electrical Resistor
  • (5) Feet of Black Silicone Vacuum Hose
  • (1) Vacuum Tee
  • (1) O-Ring
  • (1) Compression Spring
  • (1) Rubber Diaphragm

Installation Instructions: pdf.gif

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2010+ S60/V60 T6 AWD, R-Design (6-cylinder turbo)
  • 2015-2016 S60/V60 Polestar
  • 2007+ Volvo S80 II T6
  • 2008+ Volvo V70/XC70 III T6
  • 2010+ Volvo XC60 T6
  • 2015+ Volvo S60/V60 B4204T11, B4204T12, B4204T9, Drive-E
  • 2015+ Volvo XC60 B4204T11, B4204T9, Drive-E
  • 2015+ Volvo S80 B4204T11 Drive-E

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