Best of Show Spray Wax - 22oz

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    Griot's Garage 10968 Best of Show® Spray Wax 22oz spray bottle.

    Best of Show Spray Wax doesn't just add color, depth, and clarity, its rich carnauba/polymer formula also creates class-leading paint protection.

    Product Features:

    • 2 to 3 times the durability of other spray waxes
    • Adds carnauba/polymer wax protection
    • Quick, spray-and-wipe convenience
    • Enhances the gloss of any painted surface
    • Extends the time between major waxings
    • Safe for use on paint protection films

    When the shine jumps off the paint I can tell the owner really cares about their car. Best of Show Spray Wax doesn't just add the retina-shattering gloss we all lust after, its rich carnauba/polymer formula adds incredible slickness to your finish while leaving behind incredible paint protection that's 2 to 3 times the durability of other spray waxes. It's a resounding customer favorite for a reason! Great for daily drivers or show contenders, this high-tech spray wax will save you tons of time by adding to your paint's basecoat and extending the time between major waxings. Only use on clean paint. Simply mist Best of Show Spray Wax onto paint, lightly buff, then wipe off using a PFM Detailing Towel, PFM Terry Weave Towel, or any PFM drying towel.

    Visit the Griot's Garage How-To Guides to learn about the optimal methods to prep, wash, polish and protect your vehicle's paint, interior, wheels, tires and glass!