Best of Show Wash & Wax - 16oz

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    Griot's Garage 10974 Best of Show® Wash & Wax 16oz.

    Drop a quality wash on your ride and add stout carnauba wax protection to its finish in one easy step.

    Product Features:

    • Enhances color, depth, and clarity
    • Ultra-thick formula creates long lasting suds
    • Cleans and protects paint in one easy step
    • Extends the time between major wax jobs
    • One ounce of concentrate makes one gallon of wash

    Got a dirty daily driver? Here's a great way to get a deep clean and a stunning shine in one easy step. I am excited about Best of Show Wash & Wax. Its thick formula creates fluffy, long-lasting suds that safely remove dirt and stubborn road grime while leaving behind a layer of high-quality carnauba wax protection. I love how it reveals the color, depth, and clarity of your paint every time you wash your car, you'll love it too. Take Best of Show Wash & Wax for a test drive today and you'll be impressed how easy maintaining flawless paint can be.

    Visit the Griot's Garage How-To Guides to learn about the optimal methods to prep, wash, polish and protect your vehicle's paint, interior, wheels, tires and glass!