Brake Caliper Rebuild - Seal Kit, S60R/V70R

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    Over time, the internal pressure seals and dust boots protecting the brake piston from dirt, debris and contaminants will wear out and require replacing. If dirt gets in between the brake piston and caliper, your calipers will start to "stick", negatively affecting your braking performance. We now offer brake caliper rebuild kits for the S60R and V70R models equipped with "Brembo" factory brake calipers! We've developed specific rebuild kits for front and rear brake calipers, including replacement dust boots, and pressure seals. Your brake calipers will be operating like-new once you rebuilding it with our high quality kits!

    Ordering Tip: Each kit includes required components to rebuild ONE caliper. Order QT 1 kit to rebuild one caliper, QT 2 kits to rebuild two calipers, etc.

    Front Brake Caliper Seal Rebuild Kit (143.63023) Contents:

    • 42mm Dust Boots (2 of each)
    • 42mm Pressure Seal (2 of each)
    • 38mm Dust Boots (2 of each)
    • 38mm Pressure Seal (2 of each)

    Rear Brake Caliper Seal Rebuild Kit (143.37009) Contents:

    • 28mm Dust Boots (2 of each)
    • 28mm Pressure Seal (2 of each)
    • 30mm Dust Boots (2 of each)
    • 30mm Pressure Seal (2 of each)