• Volvo CBV Replacement Springs (Green, Yellow, Blue and Red)

CBV Upgrade Replacement Springs

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Product Description

We now offer replacement springs for our turbocharger Diverter Valve (DV) or Compressor Bypass Valve (CBV) Upgrades. While "Green" springs are included with our CBV upgrade Kits for Volvo Mitsubishi and KKK turbo applications, customers have asked to purchase upgraded springs for higher boost applications. If your CBV valve is dumping more boost than required, or you are losing boost pressure, this normally indicates that a stronger spring is required. Conversely, if the CBV valve is failing to open, you may need to install a weaker spring. We offer 4 springs, which operate over a range of boost pressures:

Which CBV Spring Do I Need?

We have created the two tables below to help you identify which replacement spring you will need to purchase for your CBV.

 Spring Size CBV Application




 Large VP-031105


Spring Color Boost Pressure Rating
Green 5 - 15 PSI
Yellow 15 - 23 PSI
Blue 23 - 30 PSI
Red 30+ PSI

Caution: Fitting a stronger spring into a CBV valve will not increase boost pressure (unless existing pressure is being lost into the intake manifold). Failure to allow the valve to properly operate by installing a spring which is too strong may cause damage to the turbocharger (compressor surge).

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