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  • TDI Tuning Box, BMW F30 Series

TDI Tuning Box with Bluetooth, BMW F30 Series

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Product Description

Upgrade your BMW's performance with TDI Tuning Box. This TDI Tuning box is suited for BMW F30 Series. 

TDI Tuning is a company that provides performance Tuning Boxes for many of the vehicles on the road today. Behind their work stands a team of engineers, machinists, production and sales personal who believe in developing the highest quality product for your vehicle.

TDI Tuning Box 

The TDI Tuning Box is designed to alter factory pressure sensor signals to increase boost pressure from the turbochargers throughout the RPM range. This results in harmonious balance between throttle, power, response and drivability. A hassle free installation is guaranteed with no cutting, drilling, or splicing required. Gains average up to 35% horsepower and torque gains is possible.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

  • Connect to your TDI Module via a Bluetooth enabled phone (iOS and Android Compatible)
  • Instantly change the performance setting directly from your phone
  • Set engine delay timer to activate your module after a pre-determined time
  • Turn on and off Discreet Mode
  • Turn off your module for factory settings


  • Up to 35% Power and Torque Gains
  • Re-programmable For 99% Of Modern Turbo Vehicles
  • RPM Input For Even Smoother Power Delivery
  • Greater Throttle Response With Consistent Power And Torque Delivery
  • Remapped Turbo Delivery
  • Multiple Power Mode Settings For Flexible Performance
  • Includes CRTD4 End Cap for easy removing of the TDI Box


  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic transmission compatible
  • Programmed specifically for your exact model
  • ECU Safe and Trace less
  • Multiple maps, allowing you to simply adjust your system if you wish
  • Straightforward and simple installation
  • 100% removable and re-programmable for your next vehicle

 **Note: Not CARB legal: Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states. These TDI Tuning boxes are designed for off-road/race use only. The use of 93 (98 ron) octane fuel is required. Custom 91 Octane maps can be built please contact us for this special map. 

Vehicle Fitment: 

  • F30 BMW 320i
  • F30 BMW 320i xDrive
  • F30 BMW 328i 
  • F30 BMW 328i xDrive
  • F30 BMW 330i 
  • F30 BMW 335i
  • F30 BMW 335i xDrive
  • F30 BMW 340i 

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