G2 Caliper Paint Kit

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The G2 Caliper Paint Kit is the most complete and easiest kit available on the market. Utilizing a brush-on, 2-part epoxy paint, this product is thick enough so that it won't drip or run while you are applying it, and offers high heat resistance (up to 980 degrees). The G2 Caliper Paint Kit is more durable than a spray-type paint and will withstand brake fluid, dust and road salt.

G2 Caliper Paint Kit Contents:

  • Aerosol caliper cleaner
  • Paint can (enough for 4 calipers) with stirrer
  • Application brush
  • Installation instructions

Available Colors:

g2-caliper-paint-black.jpg g2-caliper-paint-red.jpg g2-caliper-paint-blue.jpg
Black Red Blue
g2-caliper-paint-silver.jpg g2-caliper-paint-yellow.jpg g2-caliper-paint-orange.jpg
Silver Yellow Orange

Painting Tips:

Prepare brake calipers by cleaning with a toothbrush and brake cleaner. Remove any caked grease or corrosion with the cleaner and a toothbrush. If painting the calipers while "on the car", mask off any areas you do not want to get paint on (brake rotor, hub, suspension components, etc). If your brake calipers come painted from the factory, consider sanding down all painted surfaces using 120grit sandpaper, and wiping clean with brake cleaner before applying G2 Caliper Paint.