Gearbox Differential, S60/V70 T5, S40/V50 and C30/C70 T5 FWD

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Our Torque Biasing (ATB) Gearbox Differentials are direct replacement units for the standard Volvo open differential on vehicles equipped with a manual gearbox.

Unlike your standard plate style limited slip differential (LSD), our ATB Gearbox Differentials rely on gears versus clutch plates for operation. This translates into smoother operation and reduced wheel spin.

Unlike a conventional LSD, our ATB Gearbox Differential never locks harshly with a set preload of wheel slip across the driven axle. Instead, the ATB Gearbox Differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree, and never locks.

Our ATB Gearbox Differential enables your car to accelerate quicker and corner faster by getting the power to the ground! It powers both drive wheels instead of just one in nearly all conditions. Instead of wasting precious power via wheelspin under acceleration, our ATB Gearbox Differential does just the opposite. It can sense which wheel has the better grip, and biases the power to that wheel. This occurs smoothly and constantly without completely removing power from the other wheel.

In certain conditions (drag race, straight line acceleration) this allows nearly 50/50 power split to both drive wheels, essentially doubling the amount of tire grip available compared to a standard Volvo differential. Whether cornering through or accelerating out of a turn, our ATB Gearbox Differential biases power to the outside-wheel and reducing inside-wheel spin; this allows the driver to accelerate earlier through the turn, resulting at higher speed corner exits.

ATB Gearbox Differential Benefits:

  • Improved traction -maximize your Volvo's performance potential
  • Minimized wheelspin - retain driver control of car through the twisties
  • Improved handling and steering
  • Maintenance-free design while retaining standard oil lubrication.

Our ATB Differential Gearboxes are proven in circuit and drag racing, rallying and road use. Manufactured by Quaife in the United Kingdom, all ATB Differential Gearboxes are made from scratch from Corus steel billets, CAD designed and CNC machined, then inspected to ISO 9001 standards. With a lifetime warranty (subject to terms and conditions), rest assured you will purchase the highest quality differential on the market today!

ATB Differential Gearboxes are used by Ford, General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler as original equipment.

Vehicle Fitment Chart

Volvo ModelManual GearboxRequired Part Number
S60/V70 T5, S40/V50, C30 T5 FWD M66W (6-speed FWD version) QDF13J (Front Differential)

Replacement Differential Bearings:

If you would rather use brand new bearings with your differential instead of reusing the original bearings, we can supply you with them. Please Contact Us for a quotation, as we can readily supply them.