Genuine Volvo Radio Knobs & Buttons, P2 S60 V70 S80 XC70

$5.99 - $9.50
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Replace the radio buttons and knobs on the HU-603, HU-650, HU-803, HU-850 fitted on the Volvo P2 S60, V70, S80 and XC70.

We now offer direct replacement, genuine Volvo radio buttons and knobs. Over time, the volume/power, programming, bass, treble, fade and balance buttons and knobs wear out and get "sticky". Replace them with genuine Volvo (made in Japan) replacements today! 

Note: Head units (HU) for P2 models from years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 require Medium Grey radio buttons and knobs. Head units for P2 models from 2005 and newer require Charcoal radio buttons and knobs. We recommend you match the Head Unit photos with the one in your vehicle to identify the needed quantity and color of radio buttons and knobs.


LabelViVA SKUDiameter/ColorHead Units

28mm, Charcoal

HU-413 (Medium Grey)

HU-603 (Charcoal)

HU-611 (Medium Grey)

HU-613 (Medium Grey)

HU-615 (Medium Grey)

HU-650 (Charcoal)

HU-803 (Charcoal)

HU-850 (Charcoal)


28mm, Medium Grey

B P2RADIO-B1 22mm, Charcoal
P2RADIO-B2 22mm, Medium Grey
C P2RADIO-C1 6mm, Charcoal
P2RADIO-C2 6mm, Medium Grey