Genuine Volvo Rear Coil Spring, S60R/V70R

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    Genuine Volvo replacement rear coil spring for the Volvo S60R/V70R AWD models. Replace your original, tired and rusted coil springs with brand new replacement parts to refresh your original suspension.

    We always recommend replacing coil springs in axle pairs. Coil Springs are priced and sold individually.

    Rear Coil Spring Marked #39: 30647735 (typically for S60R)

    Rear Coil Spring Marked #40: 30645725 (typically for V70R)

    How to Identify your Rear Coil Springs:

    Refer to the VIN/Product Identification plate located on the left side of your engine compartment, behind the left headlamp assembly. Rear coil springs are marked in VIN plate position 23, as shown below.


    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2003 - 2007 Volvo S60R, B5254T4, AT & MT gearbox
    • 2003 - 2007 Volvo V70R, B5254T4, AT & MT gearbox