• Girodisc 2-Piece Rear Rotor, S60R/V70R featuring Slotted Rotors and Black Anodized center hat
  • Girodisc 2-Piece Rear Rotor, S60R/V70R featuring Drilled Rotors and Black Anodized Center Hat

Girodisc 2-Piece Rear Rotor, S60R/V70R

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Product Description

ViVA Performance now offers the ultimate brake rotor upgrade! Our 2-piece rear brake rotor upgrade is a direct replacement for the original factory brake rotors. These specially manufactured rotors are 100% MADE IN USA, and are built to exceed the original equipment specifications and withstand abuse from the most demanding users. Rotors are priced and sold in axle pairs.

Aluminum Center Hat: Girodisc 2-piece rotors feature a lightweight, CNC machined 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum center hat that is Black hard anodized for a smooth finish and for excellent corrosion protection.

Directional Vaned Rotor Rings: The rotor rings utilize race-team quality cast iron metallurgy and feature curved internal cooling vanes, which act as a centrifugal pump to force cooler air through the rotor. They can also be replaced with new rotor rings, allowing you to reuse the aluminum center hat.

Mounting Hardware:  Our 2-piece rotor upgrade features a floating mounting system. A floating mounting system utilizes proprietary, high strength alloy steel drive pins which are also cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. The drive pins take the load during braking, while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc. The pins are secured by Grade 12 cap screws and hardened washers. To prevent cold rotor noise, the drive pins are mounted with anti-noise spring clips on the rotor side, which allow the rotor to expand with heat, while also eliminating any rattle and noise associated with floating rotors. Girodisc's floating mounting system also allows the rotor to self center between the pads.

2-Piece Rotor Construction: By utilizing lightweight aluminum material in place of steel in a rotor's center hat section, Girodisc's 2-piece rotors weigh substantially less than 1-piece, steel construction original rotors. Reducing the vehicle's total mass improves acceleration, and requires less energy to be dissipated during deceleration. Rotating mass requires additional energy in order to increase or decrease its speed of rotation. Decreasing the mass of the disc has a great benefit due to reduction in rotational inertia. This will allow more of the braking force to be available to decelerate the vehicle, not the disc. Additionally, the mass of the brake system is also unsprung mass. Reducing the unsprung mass has the additional benefit of improved suspension performance, resulting in enhanced ride and handling. The lighter the brake rotor assembly, the quicker the response of the vehicle steering due to the reduction in gyroscopic effect/rotational inertia of the brake rotor.

Simply put, our 2-piece rotors are the lightest rotor upgrades available on the market. Other "2-piece rotors" available from our competitors are made overseas with untested quality and durability, using poor mounting hardware, and are only 1.5pounds lighter than factory rotors. Caveat Emptor!

Genuine Volvo Rear Rotor: 20.5 pounds each
2-Piece Rear Rotor: 16.5 pounds each
Weight Savings: 4.0 pounds per Rotor

Why Recommend Slotted? Girodisc does not recommend drilled discs for high performance applications. The rapid heating and cooling cycles will cause cracking on the friction surface of a drilled disc. The use of high friction or racing pads will exaggerate this condition. Most pad manufacturers specifically recommend that their race pads not be used on a drilled disc for this reason. Drilled discs can be requested for an additional fee, if the customer is aware of the potential hazards of drilling the discs.

Installation Instructions & Bedding Procedures: pdf.gif

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