• Inlet Plenum in Raw Silver finish
  • Inlet Plenum in Raw Silver finish installed on a customer's V50 T5
  • Inlet Plenum in Painted Black finish
  • Cutaway of internal flow design for the Inlet Plenum
  • Inlet Plenum in Painted Black Finish
  • Back-side/mounting flange of Inlet Plenum
  • Image 7
  • Image 8

I5 Cast Inlet Plenum(Intake Manifold upgrade)

$1,067.00 $970.00
(You save $97.00)
Normally ships in 2 weeks

Product Description

Extensive CAD and CFD work allowed an improvement to be made - particularly around the port entrance to each inlet as well as to increase the volume of the plenum itself to a more appropriate size for the 2.5-litre engine.

The inlet is supplied in two finishes and comes supplied with the required hardware for installation; fitting takes less than 30-minutes on a Focus RS and approx 90-minutes on a Focus ST (due to the need to remove the standard induction assembly) Colour instructions are supplied.

Substantial performance gains can be expected on all I5 engines - some example graphs can be seen here showing the typical improvement to a Mountune Focus RS MP350, and also a Mountune Focus ST MP260.

Output improvements will vary on non-Mountune upgraded vehicles dependent on specification of tune, calibration and boost level being run.

The highly-skilled engineers at Mountune identified an obvious performance and aesthetical improvement to all I5 engine’s through the creation of a cast inlet plenum.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2007-2010 C30 T5
  • 2006-2010 C70 T5
  • 2004.5-2010 S40/V50 T5

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