K24 Turbocharger Upgrade, S60R/V70R

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If you're looking to maximize the performance from your S60R/V70R without having to tear apart the B5254T4 engine for a complete rebuild, we have the answer for you!

ViVA Performance is proud to be the first to offer a K24 hybrid turbocharger upgrade for the S60R/V70R engines! In summary, our turbo upgrade has a 35% increase in airflow compared to the stock K24 turbo, significantly improves mid to top end performance, and is a 100% plug and play replacement unit. When used with our exclusive Hilton Tuning Stage 3 software (requires supporting tuning hardware) this turbo is capable of producing 420 hp and 450 lb/ft of torque at the crank.

How is this possible? First we work with an established professional turbo rebuild shop whose insistence on high quality is the same as ours. They start with an original KKK K24 turbocharger fitted on the S60R/V70R and then perform the following modifications to the turbo:

  • Complete, professional rebuild of turbo: This includes inspecting and replacing the seals, bearings and thrust hardware. We also balance the entire rotating assembly (CHRA) on a 2-axis VSR balancing machine, and pressure test the assembled turbo to 5-bar oil pressure to properly seat the seals.
  • Installation of a larger and more efficient compressor wheel: This requires machining excess material from inside the compressor housing to allow room for our larger Billet Hybrid Compressor Wheel. Our billet hybrid compressor wheel upgrade measures 54.6mm Inducer, 71mm Exducer (stock K24 compressor wheel is 45.7mm Inducer, 62mm Exducer).

As a result of our efforts, some key benefits of using our hybrid turbo include the following:

  • 100% plug and play design retains all original oil/coolant lines, downpipe and manifold flanges. There is no need to develop or fit custom hardware!
  • 35%+ increase of performance without having to increase overall boost pressure.
  • Maximum boost is available from 3000RPM through 6800RPM (red line).


We honor a 6-month warranty for the K24 hybrid turbocharger against defects in workmanship. Exclusions from the warranty include oil related problems, improper installation, foreign object damage, etc. ViVA Performance must inspect all turbochargers prior to honoring warranty claims. ViVA Performance reminds you that modifying your car may void your existing factory warranty. Please consult your owner's manual for more information on your factory warranty.

Supporting Upgrades:

Your car's engine and drivetrain need to be in prime mechanical condition to safely and reliably provide maximum performance (follow preventative maintenance procedure. In addition to requiring a minimum of 93 AKI octane fuel, this turbo also requires the use of our exclusive Stage 3 software upgrade and the following supporting hardware to achieved the above quoted performance figures: