• Kaplhenke Adjustable Strut Mounts, Volvo S40/V50, C30/C70
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  • Kaplhenke Adjustable Strut Mounts, Volvo S40/V50, C30/C70
  • Kaplhenke Adjustable Strut Mounts, Volvo S40/V50, C30/C70

Kaplhenke Adjustable Strut Mounts, Volvo S40/V50, C30/C70

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Product Description

Upgrade the strut bearing plates in your Volvo to allow for adjustability in camber as well as improved longevity and performance.

The OEM spring seats and strut mounts are made of a combination of rubber and metal. The OEM spring seats tend to wear out over time leading to multiple replacements in the life of the vehicle. Upgrading to the Kaplhenke Strut mount. Each unit is comprised of a blend of blllet machined forged aluminum and anodized chassis mount plates. They are then heat treated and paired with electroless nickel plated bearing retainers and heat treated wear resistant stainless steel spherical bearings. All together, this kit is designed to provide the most stiffness, the least amount of weight and the best durability. Camber is adjusted via the top bearing plate for spot on alignments or track setups. 

Kit 1: QT 2 Adjustable strut mounts only. 

Kit 2: QT 2 Adjustable strut mounts and QT 2 Luxe Steer Bearing spring seats made for aftermarket 2.5" racing coil springs. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduces Friction and binding in the front suspension
  • Made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum coated in black Anodizing 
  • Solid metal design eliminates weak and problematic rubber spring/strut mounts
  • Adds the ability of camber adjustment
  • Replaceable center bearings
  • FK Precision Stainless Steel Spherical Bearings

**Note: If you are unsure of what you need for your vehicle, please contact Customer Service today. The above kits are usually in stock, in the case that they are not, extended wait times may occur to have more units produced. We will inform you of any potential backorders.

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2004.5-2013 Volvo S40/V50
  • 2007-2013 Volvo C30
  • 2006-2013 Volvo C70

Due to the strut tower design, adjusting the bearing plates may require you to slightly drop the strut to make changes. 

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