• MHI Turbo Upgrade, TD04HL-18T (Straight flange) 49189-01375

MHI Turbo Upgrade, TD04HL-18T (Straight flange)

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Product Description

When you are ready to make some serious power with your high pressure turbo (HPT) Volvo, a turbocharger upgrade is required. We now offer the Mitsubishi TD04HL-18T turbocharger upgrade. This turbo is capable of holding over 1bar (~15psi) of boost to redline, create minimal turbo lag, and provide smooth power delivery.

We recommend the TD04HL-18T turbo for the following applications:

  • 1994-1995 850 Turbo/T5/T-5R with 2.3L HPT **
  • 1996-1997 850 T5/R with 2.3L HPT **
  • 1998 S70/V70 T5 with 2.3L HPT
  • 1998 C70 Coupe with 2.3L HPT

** All 1994-1995 and certain 1996 850's with HPT will require a downpipe upgrade with a straight turbo flange.

Part Nr:  MHI Part Number 49189-01375 (Volvo Part Number: 8601456)

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