• Okada Projects Plasma Lift, Universal Kit PL1000001S

Okada Projects Plasma Lift, Universal Kit

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Product Description

Okada Project's Plasma Lift is a voltage amplifier that is designed to allow the user to adjust voltage settings. By adjust the voltage, users can partially control the air/fuel ratio and spark plug gap adjustment, thereby solving some misfire problems. The Plasma lift is a coil enhancement for coil-over-plug ignition systems. It is connected on the power supply side of the ignition coil packs, and increases spark voltage. When turbocharger or supercharger boost pressure is increased, the engine requires a higher spark voltage to ionize the spark plug gap. If this extra voltage is not delivered, misfires will occur. Installing the Plasma Lift can prevent this misfire due to insufficient spark voltage.  The Plasma Lift can also increase secondary spark voltage, and spark current, which creates a quicker and more complete combustion in modified, high performance engines. In addition to increasing horsepower and torque, test vehicles have shown a moderate improvement in fuel mileage. The Plasma Lift works together with both stock and upgraded ignition coil packs and is 100% compatible with OBD and the latest engine control units.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 1999 and newer Volvo models which utilize a coil-over-plug ignition system (vehicles with Bosc ME7, ME9 or Denso engine management systems)

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