• Powerflex Performance Replacement Polyurethane Bushings for the Saab 9-2X

Polyurethane Bushings, Saab 9-2X

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Product Description

Increase your Saab's handling performance by replacing the original rubber bushings with high quality urethane Powerflex bushings. Our Powerflex bushings will improve handling performance, steering precision, and provide more precise gearbox shift feel. Unlike the original rubber bushings that wear out and become less effective over time, the Powerflex bushings last longer than original rubber bushings.

Our bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location.

Bushing Location Manuf. Part Nr.
(1) Front Wishbone Front Bushing PFF69-201
(2) Front Wishbone Rear Bushing PFF69-102
(3) Front Anti Roll Bar Bushing(18mm) PFF69-205-18
(3) Front Anti Roll Bar Bushing(19mm) PFF69-205-19
(3) Front Anti Roll Bar Bushing(20mm) PFF69-205-20
(4) Front Anti Roll Bar End Link* PFF69-107
(5) Rear Tie Bar Bushing** PFR69-111
(6) Rear Tie Bar To Hub Rear Bushing PFR69-115
(7) Rear Tie Bar To Hub Front Bushing PFR69-117
(8) Rear Beam Mount PFR69-118
(9) Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushing(18mm) PFR69-105-18
(9) Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushing(20mm) PFR69-105-20
(10) Rear Roll Bar Link Bushing PFR69-119
(11) Rear Diff Mount PFR69-122
(12) Rear Tie Bar Bushing** PFR69-110
(13) Steering Rack Mount Kit PFF69-109K
(14) Rear Anti Roll Bar Link PFR69-200
(15) Exhaust Mounts EXH-009

*For 9-2X with pressed steel lower arms.

**For Complete rear tie bar set order #12 and #5 together.
Rear Anti Roll Bar Links are complete with forged links and Powerflex bushings.
Exhaust mounts are sold individually


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