Polyurethane Bushings, Volvo XC90 I

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    Improve your Volvo 850, S70/V70/C70 handling performance, steering precision and gearbox shifting with durable, Powerflex polyurethane bushings.

    Powerflex bushings are available in either a STREET or RACE options. STREET bushing are either Yellow (70A durometer, +25% stiffer than stock) or Purple (80A durometer, +30% stiffer than stock) color; Powerflex design engineers have chosen the suitable STREET bushing's color/hardness at each bushing location. RACE bushings are in Black (95A durometer, 80% stiffer than stock) color. This ensures that there is specific movement or rigidity in each location while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness.

    • Yellow Bushings (70A durometer, +25% stiffer)
    • Purple Bushings (80A durometer, +30% stiffer)
    • Extend Tire Life
    • Improve Handling Performance
    • Increase Vehicle Safety
    • Machined, Stainless Steel Components
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • Black Bushing (95A durometer, +80% stiffer)
    • Designed for the Track - Ready to Race
    • Engineered for Maximum Performance
    • Machined, Stainless Steel Components
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    Bushings are sold in the number required at a specified location. Purchasing QTY 1 will include enough bushings for that particular location on a single vehicle.

    Bushing Location & DescriptionBushing ImageStreet Bushing PNRace Bushing PN
    1 - Front Control Arm Forward Bushings pff88-1001.jpg
    Full Size
    PFF88-1001 N/A
    2 - Front Control Arm Rear Bushings pff88-1002.jpg
    Full Size
    PFF88-1002 N/A
    5 - Rear Toe Control Arm Bushing Front (AWD only) pfr88-605-3.png
    Full Size
    PFR88-605 PFR88-605B
    20 - Front Subframe Mount Insert pff88-120.jpg
    Full Size
    PFF88-120 PFF88-120B





    Lifetime Warranty