Scratch/Dent Do88 Turbo Intake System, Volvo C30/C70 T5, S40/V50 T5

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    This listing is for a scratch and dent (open box) Do88 Turbo Intake System. It has never been used but has slight deformities on the mounting flange. This will cause no issues to the operation or safety of the vehicle. Kit will function as designed.

    Increase airflow and performance by installing a Do88 Turbo Intake System. LF-130-V50 is designed to work with Volvo C30/C70, S40/V50 2.5L engines. 

    Do88 has designed a Turbo Intake System for those with high power goals! Do88's intake system is designed to improve the flow / lower the negative pressure and at the same time only draw cold air. Many aftermarket intake systems draw hot air directly behind the fan, resulting in very high IAT and therefore loss in power / performance. Therefore this system is a true cold air intake.

    Always be aware of that the OEM intake system and air filter was designed for the power level the car was built for originally. A power increase may cause your stock intake system to not perform well enough. If your intake system does not have the performance you need, it will be to tough for the turbocharger to get the air it needs which will lower engine efficiency and this will make you loose hp. So even on an engine with a software tune the do88 intake system will give a performance increase over the Factory Air Box!

    Kit Features Contents

    • Dyno verified gain of + 21hp / + 60Nm (Volvo V70 2.5T with Stage 1 ECU upgrade) See diagram below
    • 24% Increased Air Flow over Factory
    • 9°C (16°F) Lower IAT Than Factory
    • 21°C (38°F) Lower Than An Open Filter With Heat Shield Fitted. See diagram below
    • Lower pressure drop and IAT, up to 3.5% lower fuel consumption