Scratch/Dent TME Lowering Springs, V70R

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    Please note this listing is for a "Gently Used" TME Spring set. Springs were installed for 500 miles and then removed. There are no issues with this set but they are gently used with low miles. This spring set is being sold as is at a discount.

    TME lowering springs are developed and manufactured in Sweden under ISO 9002 quality requirements. In addition to providing a more aggressive stance to your car, lowering springs improve vehicle handling performance by lowering the center of gravity to reduce body movement and change spring compression rates. Compression rates of the springs are carefully tested to give your car the best possible handling improvement with little impact to ride comfort. TME's springs are designed to evenly distribute the vehicle load and not overload any section of the spring. TME lowering springs will lower your car with approximately 15 to 40 mm, depending on application.

    Ride Height Guide

    The table below summarizes ride heights after installing TME lowering springs. Check the dimension from the wheel center to the fender/wheel arch lip as described on the picture below and compare with the dimensions in the list for each specific model. Dimensions are taken from Turbo models. The dimensions may also differ depending on shock absorbers and optional equipment on your car. Please note that up to 13mm difference from side to side is acceptable.



    Vehicle FitmentDimension FDimension R
    2004 - 2007 V70 AWD/V70R 340mm 360mm


    Note: To correct excessive rear-axle negative camber experienced when installing lowering springs on all-wheel drive (AWD) cars, we also recommend installing our rear camber adjustment bushings: option 1, option 2.