ST 18267017 XA Coilover Kit, Volvo S60/V60, S90/V90

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    Increase the handling of your Volvo with a ST 18267017 XA Coilover Kit. 18267017 is specifically designed for Volvo S60/V60 and S90/V90 models.

    The ST XA coilovers feature adjustable damping characteristics derived from KW technology. This allows drivers to customize their ride for a tighter or more comfortable feel. The dampers are tuned with a chrome-plated piston rod, enhancing smoothness and reducing body movements when increasing traction. Rebound adjustment provides an option for a more comfortable setting, and the adjustable dampers enable changes to rim sizes.

    These coilovers, like all ST XA models, offer continuous lowering adjustment through threaded spring plates. ST Suspensions uses a polyamide adjustment spring plate, making it easy to modify the lowering via the galvanized shock absorber's trapezoidal thread. Adjusting the lowering can be done by simply turning the adjustment spring plate higher or lower during installation. For vehicles with a non-wheel-guiding double wishbone suspension on the rear axle, the ST Suspensions rear axle height adjustment is utilized, taking into account the specific design of each vehicle.

    The high-quality ST XA coilovers utilize a two-tube damping principle within low-friction, pressure-resistant damper housings. These dampers are crafted by KW and incorporate a monoblock guide and seal package to minimize friction during piston rod insertion and removal. Additionally, the galvanized shock absorber features multiple seals and corrosion protection, ensuring extended enjoyment of the ST XA coilovers.

    ST 18267017 XA Coilover Kit Features:

    • The damping characteristics can be adjusted from the outside
    • Latest damping technology for a long service life
    • Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
    • Individual lowering within the tested adjustment range
    • VA and HA (if technically possible) with thread adjustment
    • Galvanized threaded spring legs with additional sealing for optimized corrosion protection
    • Complete solution with adjustment spring plate, spring system and stop elements with dust protection system

    Additional Specifications:

    • Front Axle Weight Rating: 1305kg (2877lbs)
    • Rear Axle Weight Rating: 1415kg (3119lbs)
    • Front Lowering: 20-45mm
    • Rear Lowering: 15-45mm

    Please locate the below placard on your vehicle. It is commonly located in the passenger rear door frame, but may be located in another door frame. If you need any help, you can Contact Us at anytime.