T3 Degreaser for Cold Climates - 25 Liter

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    Pure:est Sweden T325000 T3 Degreaser for Cold Climates - 25 Liter

    Product Features:

    • Removes all oil-based contaminants such as tar, asphalt stains, diesel, or glue residue
    • Designed with extreme climates in mind
    • Child-proof cap

    Pure:est Sweden is a brand driven by passion in car care to deliver the highest quality automotive protection solutions. The Pure:est product lineup is designed to deliver the best results in cleaning, protecting and making your car shine. Made in Sweden.

    Application Instructions:

    • Product must not be diluted with water, apply to vehicle as concentrate
    • Be careful applying degreaser to rubber and plastic trim, and never apply more than necessary
    • Never allow degreaser to dry, apply it to a warm surface, or in direct sunlight
    • Leave degreaser on vehicle for 2-4 minutes after application
    • Rinse with a high pressure hose or pressure washer
    • We recommend that gloves be used in all contact with chemicals, and avoid using the product in direct sunlight

    DISCLAIMER: Only apply to affected areas, and be very careful applying to rubber and plastic trim as this product dissolves oil-based substances