Uber-Soft Disposable Cloths

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Griot's Garage 55585 Uber-Soft Disposable Cloths.

These ultra-soft, durable, and disposable cloths are a great way to keep your premium microfiber away from dirty jobs.

Product Features:

  • Porous surface with tiny holes trap contaminants preventing scratches
  • Durable enough for polish and compounds adding versatility
  • Soft enough for buffing wax and polish or for use with Speed Shine
  • Each cloth measures 14" x 16 7/8"

These are ultra-soft disposable cloths for use with our spray-and-wipe detailing and cleaning liquids, Complete Compound™, and metal polishes. They're for those times you don't want to dirty your nice microfiber towels, like polishing bare metal or when the weather outside is nasty and you're cleaning dirty wheels in the garage. These cloths are very soft yet strong and durable. They have tiny holes allowing contaminants to be carried inside the cloth and away from your paint surface. They are also great for removing polish and for clean-up. Gentle on the surface and much safer than traditional paper towels. Each cloth is 14" x 16 7/8". Comes in a package of 125 sheets with an easy to pull design.

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