Undercarriage Spray - 22oz

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Griot's Garage 10987 Undercarriage Spray - 22oz spray bottle.

It's no longer a messy job detailing your wheel wells, frame, springs, and all of the other black items underneath your car's body.

Product Features:

  • A clean undercarriage protects against corrosion
  • Details where only you or a show judge will look but that's how we roll
  • Easy spray-on application

Undercarriage Spray can hide dirty spots and discoloration between black parts and enhance many other parts of the chassis. Just a little detailer's trick when you can't reach an area to clean or don't have the time to scrub down your undercarriage. Use it after a good wheel well scrubbing and it is even better. With just a little effort you will see big results!

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