• Viking Helmet Badge in Black/White mounted on a 2001-2008 Volvo S60
  • Viking Helmet Badge in Black/White mounted on a 1998-2000 Volvo V70 XC AWD
  • Viking Helmet Badge in Blue/Yellow finish

Viking Helmet Badges

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Product Description

Our newest Viking Helmet badges are manufactured using durable, UV stable acrylic and feature a high gloss sheen. Available in your choice of Black/White or Blue/White colors, these unique Viking Helmet badges will set your Volvo apart from others on the road! Each badge comes with an automotive grade double sided tape for quick and easy installation. Our badges will mount using the double sided tape snugly around the OEM trunk mounted "zero" on the S40, S60, S80, V70ii, 850, S70/V70/C70 and XC70 model designation emblems (will NOT fit the "zero" on the P1 C70, C30 or XC90 emblems). Approximate dimensions: 1.9" x 1.5".

NOTE: We recommend using a microfiber towel along with soapy water to clean them eliminating any potential surface scratching.

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