ViVA Performance Big Brake Kit, Volvo XC90

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    Improve braking stopping power of your Volvo XC90 with a ViVA Performance Big Brake Kit. 

    Our Big Brake Kits give your Volvo an exclusive look and feel while exceeding braking performance in two areas. First, larger diameter rotors increase heat capacity and braking leverage. Second, stiffer brake caliper construction and design, along with stainless steel braided hydraulic brake lines improve braking modulation and can withstand greater braking abuse. The key to improving performance however, is to increase heat capacity and reduce braking compliance without interfering with factory front to rear brake torque bias/ratio. If a brake upgrade adds too much front torque bias, you reduce your car's ability to utilize the tractive capacity of all of the tires to the maximum extent (even if the car is equipped with ABS), potentially reducing braking performance. In addition, too large of a piston inside the caliper will result in longer brake pedal travel to achieve a specified braking force.

    Big Brake Kit Benefits and Features:

    • Super stiff, aluminum StopTech Brake Calipers with a patented bridge design, results in better brake clamping force under repeated hard braking
    • Utilizes specially designed StopTech Brake Calipers and piston diameters that emulates factory braking bias, resulting in shorter stopping distances with optimal brake pedal feel and travel
    • Patented StopTech AeroRotors utilizes directionally vaned rotor rings, allowing for better cooling, reduced brake fade and longer rotor and pad life

    Brake Rotor Highlights:

    Our Big Brake Kit utilizes patented 355x32mm or 380x32mm StopTech AeroRotor rings. Slotted or drilled rotors are available (drilled rotors are a $100/axle extra). Slots assist with removing debris between the brake pad and rotor during hard braking, and also increases the initial "bite" characteristics of the pad/rotor interface. For more severe cases where elevated rotor temperatures are expected over a sustained period of time, we recommend Slotted rotors. Drilled rotors provide the same benefits, but are more susceptible to cracking under severe use. For street use, they will not experience any issues.



    StopTech Calipers Highlights:

    • Shorter Stopping Distances
    • Better Brake Modulation
    • Firmer Brake Pedal
    • Reduced Brake Fade

    StopTech calipers are available in 6-Piston (ST-60) configuration. They are designed to hold up to the high demand of aggressive street driving as well as track usage. Each caliper is custom made with properly matched piston sizes, to ensure ultimate braking performance and vehicle safety. The 6-Piston (ST-60) setup provides even more braking performance, excellent heat dispersion and longer pad life (compared to factory braking components). StopTech utilizes stiff caliper construction for increased stopping power and even pad wear. Pistons, seals and dust boots are readily serviceable for quick and easy rebuilds. High quality bleeder screws are used, allowing for quick brake fluid bleeding without the risk of one snapping off inside the caliper. StopTech's calipers are available in the following colors:



    Calipers in Silver, Red and Black paint are normally stocked. Yellow and Blue painted calipers require a 2-3 week lead time

    Brake Pad Highlights:

    A set of StopTech Street Performance brake pads are included with each Big Brake Kit. If you prefer a more aggressive brake pad, please contact us for options.

    ViVA Performance Big Brake Kit Contents

    • (2) StopTech Aluminum Calipers (ST-60)
    • (2) 355x32mm or 380x32mm 2-piece fully floating directionally vaned StopTech AeroRotor Rings
    • (2) CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Center Hats in hard anodized black finish
    • (2) Center Hat/Rotor Ring mounting hardware
    • (2) Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
    • (2) CNC Machined 7075 Aluminum Caliper Mounting Brackets with mounting hardware
    • (1) StopTech Street Brake Pad Set
    • (1) 500ml can of StopTech Performance STR-600 Brake Fluid (DOT 4)

    Vehicle Fitment*:

    • 2016+ Volvo XC90

    *Note: Our Big Brake Kit requires a minimum diameter of 18" wheels with sufficient wheel offset to clear the StopTech ST-60 Calipers. If you are using OEM 18" wheels with +55mm offset, a minimum of a 15mm Wheel Spacer is also needed. 380mm Kits will require atleast a 19in wheel with sufficient offset/backspacing.