Water/Methanol Injection Kit

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Our universal water or methanol injection kit helps reduce combustion chamber temperatures, thereby allowing you to safely run increased boost pressure without having to use higher octane race fuel. Your car will perform like it is running on 100 octane race fuel without the additional expense of race fuel!

How it Works

Our water or methanol injection kit utilizes a controller unit which can vary fluid flow based on your car's boost levels, allowing a water or methanol mixture of up to 50%. Our kit that requires you tap into the vehicle's windshield washer fluid reservoir for a completely stealth install.

A 150-psi high pressure pump delivers the water methanol directly into your intake path using your choice of injection jets (We recommend either the medium or large jet when used on the S60R/V70R platform, dependent on your vehicle's performance level).

This universal kit includes almost everything you need to properly install the injection kit (does not include the hardware to tap into the windshield washer fluid reservoir). The kit includes a progressive injector controller module, vacuum and nylon hoses, 3 injection jets, high pressure pump with adapters, installation instructions and other mounting hardware.

Part Number: 30-3302 (old 30-3002)

Note: Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.