• Wavetrac 56.309.125WK Gearbox Differential, M66 FWD 56.309.125WK

Wavetrac Gearbox Differential, M66 FWD

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Product Description

Upgrade the traction and handling of your FWD M66 Volvo by installing a Wavetrac 56.309.125WK Differential.

Wavetrac has designed a gear type differential for the FWD M66 Model Volvos. Enhancements have been made to prevent loss of traction when one wheel becomes unloaded like with a gear type differential (Torsen, True-Trac, Quaife). With special patented Wavetrac design, it automatically improves tire grip when low traction conditions present themselves. Each Wavetrac differntial is made up of 9310 steel gears which is encased in a hardened billet forged steel body. Holding all the internals together is varies ARP fasteners. Wavetrac has designed this differential to never need servicing while it is in your vehicle. It is intended to out last your Volvo and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2004.5+ Volvo S40/V50 M66 FWD
  • 2005-2010 Volvo S60/V70 T5 M66 FWD
  • 2007+ Volvo C30 M66 FWD

Replacement Differential Bearings:

If you would rather use brand new bearings with your differential instead of reusing the original bearings, we can supply you with them. Please Contact Us for a quotation, as we can readily supply them.

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