Ferrita Performance Cat-Back Exhaust, 2019+ Volvo S60/V60 T6 AWD

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    Ferrita exhaust systems are built using "straight through" mufflers and contain no baffles. Due to this unique design feature with no baffles, exhaust back pressure is significantly reduced, thereby improving engine performance and increasing torque. In addition to the performance benefits, Ferrita exhaust systems also provide a deep and aggressive exhaust tone during wide open throttle (WOT) acceleration, without an off-throttle exhaust drone present on other systems on the market.

    Main components included with our exhaust systems (piping, mufflers and tailpipes) are manufactured using AISI T304 stainless steel. Exhaust piping features mandrel bent tubes to ensure a smooth exhaust gas flow throughout the entire system. Tailpipes are manufactured using rolled T304 polished stainless steel tubing for a striking appearance.

    Vehicle Fitment

    • 2019+ Volvo S60/V60 T6 AWD B4204T29

    Vehicle Fitment Notes

    • Original Exhaust will need to be cut and the Ferrita System clamped in with the supplied clamps.
    • The Passenger Side Exhaust Valve/tip will need to be cut off and re-used.