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Welcome to VIVA Performance

about-us1.jpgWe have a confession, we’re crazy about modifying cars!

ViVA Performance is a specialty online retailer that provides performance, maintenance, and replacement products for Volvo, Saab and BMW passenger car models. Our product range includes many of the most popular and newest FWD and AWD Volvos, FWD and AWD Saabs and RWD and AWD BMW models. We evaluate every product range we carry to test for performance gains, reliability and safety (unlike many of our competitors). We specialize in Volvo parts and accessories with a thorough understanding of Volvo engine and chassis codes, Model Year differences, and product compatibility. We carry unique brands and products to help make your Volvo “your own”. 

ViVA Performance was originally founded in 2000 and has been in business for over 20 years. Our warehouse is located in New Hampshire, USA, and we ship to our clients throughout the world. In addition to offering a wide variety of products to our clients, we also share our product expertise and general Volvo knowledge with all Volvo drivers. We regularly attend local Get-Togethers and Volvo meets. 

We are members of numerous Volvo enthusiast clubs, such as the Volvo Club of America (VCOA), and actively participate in online bulletin boards.

Some of our Partners:

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