• Wheel Spacer Kit contents (2 spacers, 10 extended wheel bolts)

Wheel Spacer Kit, 15mm (M12x1.5)

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Product Description

Wider is better! Move your wheels out to match the fenders with our DRS wheel spacers. Widening your car's track width will increase its cornering grip. Made from lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy and precision-machined for perfect balance, these spacers are an alternative to purchasing wider wheels. All our spacers are anodize coated for superior corrosion protection. Our hub-centric wheel spacers (10mm, 15mm and 20mm) center on your stock hub. Our DRS wheel spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel spline studs for longer ones.

Wheel Spacer Kits Include:

  • Quantity two (2) wheel spacers with anodize coating
  • Quantity ten (10) extended wheel spline studs

The chart below provides additional information about our DRS Wheel Spacer Kits:

Model Type Width (per side)
2004.5 - 2012 S40, V50
2006 - 2013 C70 II
2007 - 2013 C30
M12x 1.5 15mm

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