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IP Coil Coilpacks, 6-cyl engines

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Product Description

The Ignition Projects "IP Coil" upgrade is a 100% direct replacement of your original ignition coil packs and are made in USA. IP Coils featureh a built-in high powered amplifier, and produce 4 times more spark energy than stock coils, while generating an ultra fast, multi-spark discharge of 10 sparks, up to the highest RPM. The spark amperage is increased 100%, allowing the spark to reach many more molecules and therefore accelerate the ignition and combustion process. This feature is enhanced in forced induction (turbocharged, supercharged) applications but also improves the performance of normally aspirated engines. The end result reduces harmful engine emissions, reduces fuel consumption and increases low- and mid-range engine torque.

Another benefit of the IP Coil is that installation is very easy. Because it is a direct bolt-on replacement of your original coil packs (replaces Volvo Part Number 30713416), there is no splicing or wiring involved! Each of our kits includes five (5) upgraded coil units and all the necessary hardware.

Vehicle Fitment

  • XC90 T6: 2003 - 2007
  • S80 classic T6: 1999 - 2005

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