Snabb 10mm Wheel Spacer Kit, 65.1mm Centerbore, Black Anodized

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    Introducing Snabb Black Anodized Wheel Spacer Kits, designed to give your vehicle a sleek and aggressive look! This kit includes high-quality aluminum spacers and extended black bolts to help you achieve the perfect fit and style for your wheels.

    10mm Wheel Spacer Kit Features:

    • Black Anodized Wheel Spacers (2): Spacers are made from premium materials and finished with a black anodized coating to protect against corrosion and wear. With precision machining, you can trust that your spacers will be the perfect fit for your vehicle, ensuring improved stability and handling. Each spacer has 4 notches cut on the back side to ensure easy removal.
    • Extended Black Bolts (10): To make sure you get a secure and precise fit, this kit also includes extended black bolts. These bolts are made to match the color of the spacers, ensuring a clean and seamless look for your wheels.

    With Snabb Black Anodized Wheel Spacer Kits, you can add a custom look to your vehicle while also improving performance and handling. High-quality materials and precision machining ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting durability.

    Installation Instructions: pdf.gif