• Snabb Ultimate Volvo P2 Charge Pipe Kit CPK-WK002

Snabb Ultimate Volvo P2 Charge Pipe Kit

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Product Description

Designed for the performance minded enthusiast who demands more power than the stock Volvo intercooler system was designed for, the SNABB FMIC Upgrade Kit replaces your factory intercooler(s) and all the charged air piping to reduce air intake temperatures, increase throttle responsiveness and increase engine performance (horsepower/torque). The SNABB FMIC Upgrade Kit is available with several options to allow fitment on a wide range of models and vehicle model years (see Vehicle Fitment chart below). Each SNABB FMIC Upgrade Kit includes: installation instructions, stainless steel mounting brackets, hardware (bolts/washers/speed clips) and Stainless Steel ABA worm clamps.

Snabb Ultimate Volvo P2 Charge Pipe Kit Details:

Volvo's stock charged air piping components are primarily made of plastic that are prone to crack over time, leading to boost leaks and performance loss. Plastic pipes also have restrictive accordion-style flex joints that rob your engine from horsepower/torque. The Snabb Ultimate Volvo P2 Charge Pipe Kit replaces all the factory plastic charged air piping from the turbo outlet to the throttle body inlet with custom made, aluminum piping and silicone couplers!

  • A complete piping replacement kit. 2.5" 6061 aluminum piping with a 2.75" throttle transition pipe. We have the only polished aluminum full replacement piping kit available.
  • Compatible with OEM intercoolers or upgraded "OEM fit" intercoolers 
  • Fit's ALL P2 models, T5's, 2.4T's, 2.5T's, XC's, and R models
  • Can be configured to fit any factory turbo. Mitsubishi: 13t - 20t, K24 with V-band style outlet or K24 with standard outlet
  • Can be configured to fit early model (with separate MAP and IAT sensor) or late model (Combined MAP sensor) on S60/R's and V70/XC/R's
  • Can be upgraded to fit with a Snabb Front mount intercooler (additional parts and Snabb intercooler required to upgrade) 
  • Includes an 1/8th" NPT port for easier water injection installations
  • Snabb custom designed Heavy Duty 5 layer silicone (4 layers Nomex reinforcement + 5 layers silicone with a lifetime manufacturers warranty) 
  • Installation instructions

Vehicle Fitment Guidance:

Vehicle ModelTurbo Compressor Outlet StyleMAP/IAT Style
  • 2001 - 2002 S60/V70 2.4T, T5

Mitsubishi TD04L -2.4T Engine w/ 13T or 14T (Select TDO4L) 

Mitsubishi TD04HL -T5 Engine w/ 13G-19T or TDO5 20G (Select) TDO4HL)

Separate MAP/IAT sensors
  • 2003 - 2007 S60/V70 2.4T, 2.5T
  • 2003 - 2004 S60/V70 T5

Mitsubishi TD04L -2.4T/2.5T Engine w/ 13T or 14T (Select TDO4L) 

Mitsubishi TD04HL -T5 Engine w/ 13G-19T or TDO5 20G (Select) TDO4HL) 

Integrated MAP/IAT sensor
  • 2004 - 2005 S60R/V70R*
KKK K24, short neck with V-Band flange Integrated MAP/IAT sensor
  • 2006 - 2007 S60R/V70R*
  • 2005 - 2009 S60 T5*
  • 2005 V70 T5*
KKK K24, long neck with silicone coupler Integrated MAP/IAT sensor

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