Axle Bolt w/ Rubber Insulator

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    Help reduce clunky axle noises with a Axle Bolt w/ Rubber Insulator. VP-114277 is designed to fit Volvo P1, P2 and P3 models.

    If you've had a mystery clunk or click (and you've already checked other suspension components) when moving from reverse to drive, or when getting in and out of throttle there is a good chance this bolt may be your fix!

    The standard axle bolts on these models are a small 10MM bolt that actually stretches when you torque them down. Over time as these cars wear these bolts can either loosen up, or a small amount of slop can form in between the axle and hub assembly causing a clunk/ click or ping noise as Volvo refers to it. This bolt with the rubber isolator was the fix from Volvo for this issue to help soak up this play in the assembly and was a part we offered until a few years ago when they discontinued it.

    This was still obviously an issue with these models despite Volvo discontinuing the part. We still saw a demand for this bolt from customers and came out with our own unit that replicates the factory specifications! Installs just like the standard bolt with the metal washer but the added rubber damper helps to remove unwanted drivetrain slop in the hub assembly!