Do88 Performance Intercooler Kit, Volvo 200/700/900 Turbo 81-98

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    Enhance the performance of your Volvo with a Do88 Performnace Intercooler Kit. ICM-140 is designed to work on Volvo 200, 700 and 900 series Volvos.

    Turbo vehicles utilize an intercooler to keep the charge air temps down. This translates to better performance. If you are trying to get the most out of your vehicle, an upgraded intercooler is what you need. This intercooler is developed to give the best performance with minimal modification. The Do88 Intercooler has 221% more volume and flows 42% more air versus the factory intercooler. The end-tanks on this intercooler are designed with CAD software with the aim to create the best possible end-tank that distributes the the airflow over the entire core to maximize cooling while minimizing pressure drop. 

    Intercooler notes:

    • Volvo Factory Intercooler Core Volume: 5,377 CM^3
    • Do88 Intercooler Core Volume: 11,906 CM^3
    • 221% larger core Volume over Factory
    • 42% more air flow
    • All Aluminum Construction
    • 34 degrees Celsius lower Intake Air temperatures versus the factory intercooler





    Vehicle Fitment

    • 1981-1984 Volvo 240 B21FT
    • 1985-1992 Volvo 740 BF200FT, B200ET, B230ET, B230FT, B2350GT, 1992 with out AC
    • 1984-1990 Volvo 760 BF200FT, B200ET, B230ET, B230FT, B2350GT
    • 1986-1988 Volvo 760 B200ET
    • 1991-1998 Volvo 940 B200FT, B200GT, B230FT, B230GT, B230GK, B230FK, 1992-98 with out AC
    • 1991-1994 Volvo 960 B230Ft B230GT, 1992-94 without AC

    **Note: The OEM intercooler rubber Stoppers in both the top and bottom need to be trimmed slightly due to the do88 intercooler thickness.