King MB612XP Race Crankshaft Bearings for Volvo 5-cylinder, Trimetal pMax Black

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    King Bearings for Volvo 5-cylinder turbo "whiteblock" main crankshaft bearings are now available in the High Performance, XP-Series, with fitment on Volvo S60, V70, S60R, V70R, C30, S40, V50, 850, S70, V70, C70, XC70 and XC90 models! 

    XP Series Crankshaft Bearing Features:

    • Features enhanced Trimetal, pMax Black coating. Each bearing has a layer copper lead construction, nickel plate barrier and lead/tin/copper Babbitt overlay over a steel backing
    • Tight wall thickness tolerances, down to +/- .0001"
    • Enlarged, chamfered oil holes with 1/2" grooving for improved oiling
    • Ability to delivery consistent and reliable performance with a high-load capacity
    • Tailored for racing engines and applications with extreme power goals to provide super stability and durability.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Crankshaft Diameter: 64.986 / 65.001 mm
    • Bearing Housing Diameter: 68.999 / 69.014 mm
    • Maximum Bearing Wall Thickness (STD Flanged / Unflanged: 1.994 mm / 1.989 mm
    • Maximum STD Flanged Bearing Width: 25.83/25.88 mm
    • Maximum Unflanged Bearing Width: 19.401 mm

    This upgrade is not a direct replacement of genuine Volvo crankshaft bearings. Due to the MB612XP King Bearing specifications, machining or modification to the crankshaft may be required during the engine rebuild process. Please consult with your engine rebuilder for more information.

    Kit Contents:

    • QT 1 pair flanged bearings (F7023U-PR / F7023L-PR)
    • QT 5 pair unflanged bearings (M7023U-PR / M7023L-PR)

    Vehicle Fitment:

    Bearings can be used on a wide variety of Volvo 5-cylidner "whiteblock" turbocharged and normally aspirated engines, including the following:

    • Volvo S40 with: B5254T3, B5244S, B5244S4, B5244S7
    • Volvo V50 with: B5254T3, B5244S, B5244S4, B5244S7
    • Volvo 850 with: B5234T, B5234T5, B5254FS, B5234FT, B5254T
    • Volvo C30 with: B5254T3, B5244S, B5244S4, B5244S7, B5254T7, B5254T2, B5254T6, B5254T7, B5254T10
    • Volvo S70 with: B5244S6, B5244S, B5244T5, B5234T6, B5244T, B5244T3, B5254T4, B5244T2, B5254T
    • Volvo V70 with: B5244S6, B5244S, B5244T5, B5234T6, B5244T, B5244T3, B5254T4, B5244T2, B5254T
    • Volvo C70 with: B5244T2, B5254T
    • Volvo S60 with: B5244S, B5244T5, B5254T12, B5254T4, B5254T2
    • Volvo XC90 with: B5254T2