Darton Cylinder Sleeves, Volvo 5-Cylinder Turbo Engines

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    If you're serious about tuning your Volvo engine for maximum performance, performance cylinder sleeves should be high on your priority list.

    What are Cylinder Sleeves?

    Many production cast aluminum blocks suffer from a design weakness of cylinder stability by nature of poor support at the upper deck area. This manufacturing process of "cast in sleeves" provides for economies of scale in low performance engines, but do not accomodate high horsepower or high boost applications. Engine cylinders sleeves (also referred to as cylinder liners) create a solid deck of sleeve flanges held in tension, and help reinforce the upper cylinder deck area so that you can run high horsepower and high boost pressures.

    Cylinder Sleeves Benefits:

    • Cast iron performance in an aluminum block
    • Improved block integral strength
    • Increased horsepower/torque output potential
    • High boost potential
    • Superior cylinder sealing and ring wear
    • Manufactured with bulletproof, ductile iron with 130,000 PSI tensile strength
    No. of Cylinders 5
    O.D. 3.750
    Wall 0.245
    Length 5.400
    Flange Thickness 0.400
    Flange Diameter 4.470
    Bore Size 83MM - 85MM Max

    **Note: The price reflected about is for five Darton sleeves only.