Spaceball Shifter Surround Gear Number Decals

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    Stylize your P2 S60/V70 Spaceball Shifter Surround with a set of Gear Number decals. VP-074009 fits 2005-2007 Volvo S60/V70 manual transmissions with the Spaceball Shifter.

    Each order includes the numbers 1-6 and R and comes with two complete decal sets to allow for application practice if needed.

    These decals are designed to fit 2005-2009 model cars with numbers that are flush with the surround. They have not been tested on cars made before 2005 or any car with inset numerals on the cover surrounding the spaceball. If you have any questions as to whether this will fit on your car, please contact us before ordering.

    Color Reference:

    Colors shown are only approximations and may vary depending on your monitor or screen. *Light Blue is the closest color to Rebel Blue, Polestar Blue, and the blue of the Swedish flag.