Top 5 Mods For SPA Chassis Cars!

Top 5 Mods For SPA Chassis Cars!

Posted by Max Rundlett on 26th Jun 2020

With the Volvo SPA chassis over 4 years old, we thought it was time to share with you some of the best upgrades that will certainly transform the way you feel about driving the latest and greatest Volvo has to offer.


The SPA chassis is, in many regards, the most aggressive looking Volvo platform to date. Competing with the likes of BMW and Lexus, your Volvo can finally hold it's own. Fortunately, Volvo already considered that you might be interested in standing out from the crowd. For the S90/V90 and the S60/V60, Volvo offers an OEM front spoiler for their flagship model and more subtle winglets for it's little brother. For our customers with the larger XC60 and XC90 options, Heico Sportiv offers front spoilers for both models. 

Genuine Volvo Front Spoiler, S90/V90
Genuine Volvo Bumper Winglets, S60/V60
Heico Sportiv Front Spoiler, XC60
Heico Sportiv Front Spoiler, XC90


Whether you're hauling the kids back from soccer practice or coming into a turn too hot, upgrading your brakes is a necessity. Whether you choose to improve your pad compound or go with a fully custom setup, anything is better than the comfort-style pads and floating calipers rolling out of the factory.

With a big brake kit from Polestar or a custom setup put together in house, you get a fixed caliper setup. This helps brake life due to the even force applied to both pads as well as an increase in stopping power from 100%-200% more pistons. With both upgrades, you also get larger pads and rotors improving heat dispersion. The brake pad compound is also improved upon.

Brembo GT Big Front Brake Kit, S90/V90
Polestar Front Brake Kit, S60/V60
Polestar Front Brake Kit, XC60
ViVA Performance Big Brake Kit, XC90


All the models in Volvo's current lineup come equipped with their turbocharged 4-cylinder, with T6 and T8 models coming equipped with a supercharger as well. This means that intake air temperature is crucial to optimal engine performance. GruppeM's Ram Air Intake systems are designed with carbon fiber covers to keep heat away, drawing in cold, ambient air. It is also an open-filter intake, which means turbo noise will be amplified. AKA, improved smiles per gallon!

GruppeM Ram Air Intake System, S90/V90/XC60
GruppeM Ram Air Intake System, XC90


In forced induction applications, having an adequate exhaust is incredibly important. The correct sized exhaust will allow your turbocharger to flow freely and spool up quicker. If your motor is supercharged as well (T6/T8 models), this need is greater. The engineers over at Heico Sportiv have developed sport exhausts that improve engine performance and sound. With the electronic flap closed, you can maintain a sleeper-style with a slight audible improvement. With the electronic flap open, listen to your 4-cylinder scream through the back roads! Check out this video for a sound comparison. 

Heico Sportiv Quad Tip Sport Exhaust w/ Electronic Flap Control, S60/V60 T5/T6
Heico Sportiv Quad Tip Sport Exhaust w/ Electronic Flap Control, S60/V60 T6/T8
Heico Sportiv Quad Tip Sport Exhaust w/ Electronic Flap Control, S90/V90 T5/T6
Heico Sportiv Quad Tip Sport Exhaust w/ Electronic Flap Control, S90/V90 T8


The SPA chassis are some of the heaviest to come out of Volvo's factories. While comfortable, all this extra weight has a negative effect on handling. A sure-fire way to tighten up the rear-end of these cars is with a quality sway bar upgrade. While it isn't a sizeable diameter difference (2mm at most), KCDesign sway bars are solid core instead of hollow like the ones from the factory. This means greater structural rigidity and improved handling!

KCDesign 24mm Rear Sway Bar Upgrade, S90/V90/XC60
KCDesign 24mm Rear Sway Bar Upgrade, XC90