Brembo GT Big Brake Kit Front, Volvo S90/V90 II

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ViVA Performance is proud to bring the Brembo Grand Turismo Big Brake Kit to market. This kit is a direct bolt on to the S90/V90 II platform for the front axle, offering superior performance and stopping power over Volvo's factory braking system.

Brembo Gran Turismo  Brake Systems provide consistent performance with a slotted or drilled rotor design that is more structurally sound. This kit is engineered using directional, floating disc rotors and a billet aluminum center hat to reduce "unsprung weight", while reducing operating temperatures and allowing for improved heat management.

Brembo engineers design each brake upgrade specifically for your vehicle and driving conditions. Optimum brake balance is achieved by combining Brembo's thorough knowledge of OEM braking systems and use of an unlimited range of caliper, piston, and disc combinations. Brembo brake upgrades are easy to install and designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle’s stock master cylinder, ABS, and traction control system.

Integrated directional vane design vacuums heat out and away from the braking system for part life and performance gains. Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems use's four-piston cast aluminum calipers that provide maximum braking force without the flex of sliding calipers. Brembo GT Big Brake Kits are backed by Brembo's 2-year limited warranty.

Brembo Rotor Style




Drilled brake discs are suitable for a wide range of applications,, operating temperatures and driving environments (especially wet weather).

  • Benefit: offers the highest initial response of all the available disc face types while continuously refreshing the braking surface and being also typically a bit lighter.
  • Drawback: drilled discs are generally more prone to heat checking and thermal cracking if used consistently at extremely high temperatures. This however, really depends on the track, driver, and chassis setup.




Brembo “8 straight – slot” face type with an emphasis on stable brake feel and improve resilience against thermal cracking.


  • Benefit: stable braking feel at all temperatures, low disc wear, and continuously refreshing the braking surface for optimum performance.
  • Drawback: The Type 1 standard disc face has the lowest “initial response” or “bite” compared to Brembo Drilled, Type III or Type V discs.





 Motorsport developed face type with an emphasis on high initial response while maintaining a smooth pedal release.

  • Benefit: highest overall braking confidence, control, and allows driver to spend less time on the brake pedal. When chasing the fastest lap time, less time on the brake pedal typically leads to a quicker lap time.
  • Drawback: Any disc with an aggressive face type like the Type III will have a higher chance to mechanically abrade the pad and disc surface leading to quicker or uneven pad wear. However, this really depends on variables such as car setup or track layout.

Front Brake Kit Contents:

  • 2pcs 405mm x 34mm directional, vented Rotor Rings (drilled or slotted)
  • 2pcs Aluminum Alloy Center Hats, anodized black
  • 2pcs Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • 2pcs Cast Aluminum 6 Piston Brake Calipers (choice of colors include: Black, Red, Silver, and Yellow)
  • 2pcs Billet Caliper Mounting Brackets
  • 4pcs Brembo "Street" Brake Pads
  • All necessary hardware and fittings

Vehicle Fitment*:

  • 2017+ Volvo S90/V90


*Minimum wheel size is 19". Wheels must also have a low enough offset to clear the brake caliper. Please refer to the caliper clearance schematic above, or Contact Us for fitment guidance.