Brembo NAO Ceramic Rear Brake Pads, Volvo S60R/V70R

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    Increase stopping performance without sacrificing comfort by installing a set of Brembo NAO Ceramic Front Brake Pads. P23078N is designed to fit Volvo S60R/V70R models.

    Built to Endure

    Brembo NAO Ceramic brake pads epitomize durability, serving as our top choice for everyday street driving. Engineered for lasting performance, our ceramic blends ensure extended pad life and minimal wear while maintaining optimal braking efficiency. Each pad undergoes a specialized scorching process, reducing fade and cutting down on initial break-in time. With Brembo NAO Ceramic brake pads, you can rely on confident braking from the moment of installation.

    Enhanced Comfort

    The impact of brake pads on comfort extends beyond mere stopping power, encompassing factors like noise, harshness, and vibrations (NHV). Brembo NAO Ceramic pads address these concerns with a unique multilayered ESE (Elastomer-Steel-Elastomer) shim, effectively dampening vibrations that occur upon pad-to-rotor contact. By employing OE molding techniques, we ensure a precise pad-to-rotor fit, eliminating NHV issues and enhancing overall driving comfort.

    Steadfast Performance in Any Environment

    Crafted with a meticulously crafted compound featuring various ceramic materials, Brembo NAO Ceramic pads exhibit remarkable versatility across a broad spectrum of temperatures and driving conditions. This ensures consistent braking performance regardless of the environment. Furthermore, our ceramic compound minimizes brake dust production, helping to maintain the cleanliness of your wheels over extended periods.


  • Brake Pad Orientation: Rear
  • Fits Rotor Sizes: 330mm
  • Unit of Measure: Sold in set of 4