Clutch & Single Mass Flywheel Kit, Volvo M66 Transmission

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    Upgrade your worn out or failing clutch with a Clutch & Single Mass Flywheel Kit designed for the Volvo M66 Manual Transmission.

    We developed a comprehensive Clutch & Single Mass Flywheel Kit that replaces all common "wear" components in your M66 manual transmission.. The Single Mass Flywheel included in our Kit is designed to be a 100% direct replacement of the factory dual mass flywheel, and is designed for the performance enthusiast who doesn't mind slight clutch chatter during idle. Due to various dual-mass flywheel versions from Volvo, our Kit is designed around the clutch version used in the 2004-2005 S60R/V70R models.

    Flywheel StyleWeight
    Dual-mass 26.1 lbs
    11.8 kg
    Single-mass 17.75 lbs
    8.1 kg

    Kit Contents:

    Additional Recommended Parts:


  • Clutch Hub Style: Sprung
  • Clutch Disc Style: Full Face
  • Clutch Disc Type: Single
  • Clutch Disc Material: Organic
  • Unit of Measure: Sold as a Kit