Hub-Centric Rings (Set of 4)

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    ViVA Performance hub centric rings are designed to perfectly center the wheel on the vehicle's hub, eliminating vibration. They are manufactured from Machined Aluminum or polycarbonate plastic (depending on size) to the highest standards of material and exacting tolerances. Hub centric rings also help prevent any damage to the wheel and hub. They feature unique clips (for certain sizes) molded in for a solid, secure installation. Perfect for OEM or aftermarket wheels, ViVA Performance hub centric rings will get rid of any unwanted wheel vibration problems.

    ViVA Performance has a wide variety of Hub Centric Rings, please refer to the size chart below to find the rings best suited for your application.

    Priced and sold in sets of 4.

    Wheel Side --> Hub Size

    • 65.1mm --> 63.4mm
    • 67.1mm --> 65.1mm
    • 67.1mm --> 63.4mm
    • 72.6mm --> 63.4mm
    • 72.6mm --> 65.1mm
    • 72.6mm --> 67.1mm
    • 73.1mm --> 63.4mm
    • 73.1mm --> 65.1mm
    • 73.1mm --> 67.1mm
    • 75mm --> 63.4mm
    • 75mm --> 65.1mm
    • 75mm --> 67.1mm