• 2005+ (Left) Tail Lamp compared to 2001-2004 (Right) Tail Lamp
  • Jewel Look Tail Lamp Kit installed on pre-2005 S60

Jewel Look Tail Lamp Kit, 2001-2004 S60

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Product Description

Update the look of your 2001 - 2004 S60 or S60R by replacing the rear taillights with the 2005- "Jewel" style taillights. Our kit comes complete with everything you need for this aesthetic improvement.

  • Left tail lamp with foglamp
  • Right tail lamp without foglamp
  • Gasket (qt 2)
  • Upper bulb holder (qt 2)
  • Lower bulb holder (qt 2)
  • (bulbs not included)

Note: You must remove the outer guiding pin from the new tail lamps to properly mount the tail lamps on your 2001-2004 S60 models. We recommend sealing the hole where the guiding pin was to prevent water/moisture leaking into the tail lamp housing. Silicone, epoxy or rubber cement are the most proper to use. Installation take less than 15 minutes and requires a 10mm socket to fit over the bolt and screw taps.

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